Great English books for toddlers & small kids

How to bring closer early language learning to toddlers? One of the solutions are English books for the little ones! We have quite a few and each of them brings a nice memory. We started reading these books with Oskar and Lucija around the age of one. Me and my hubby discovered quite quickly a huge difference between our children. It appears to us that little girls are much more receptive to listening to our voices and reading books than little boys! Another difference between girls and boys … Anyhow, early language learning with these little books brings lots of fun. Children absorb a foreign language spontaneously, it’s melody and they learn a new language at the level of words and phrases.

What are the favorite books of your toddlers and kids?

Here are our favorite English books for kids and toddlers:

1. BROWN BEAR, BROWN BEAR WHAT DO YOU SEE? – learning colours and animals’ names

writer: Bill Martin Jr & illustrations: Eric Carle

The two authors created quite a few “best sellers” for children. The pattern of text repetition and rhythm give a special charm to this book.This is the book that teaches kids animals and colors and most toddlers love to have it often their little hands.

2. WAIKIKI LULLABY – goodnight rhymes from Hawaii                                        

writer: Beth Greenway & illustrations: Alexis America

Anyone who ever lived in Hawaii, will immediately understand how special and wonderful this little lullaby is. This book was written by a mother who raised her children in magical Hawaii for a couple of years while her husband was working there. This book has a special meaning for us, as for few months we lived in the heart of Waikiki and we enjoyed the Hawaiian sun sea and sand just a pin away from the Duke Statue – a monument of an amazing surfer Duke Kahanamoku.

3. GOODNIGHT MOON – an iconic book for goodnight reading                                                                                      

writer: Margaret Wise Brown & illustrations: Clement Hurd

This is an American classic, which our grandmothers read it to their children and grandchildren. This book was first published more than 65 years ago. In USA this is a “must have” in the category »BABY’S FIRST BOOKS«. Although the illustrations are not quite by my taste, the lyrics go in the ear and children love listening to it.

4. FIVE LITTLE LADYBUGS  – the loveliest rhymes for kids                                                                                 

writer: Melanie Gerth & illustrations: Laura Huliska-Beith

A short and lovely fairytale about five ladybugs, that go in the world. With this book the child learns to count to 5 names of few animals that are in the story and a few verbs. An amazing illustrations and five ladybugs take a child and a reader to a colorful world of nature. The ladybugs are from plastic and stand out of the book surface.

5. THE GRUFFALO – bestseller for kids                                                                         

writer: Julia Donaldson & illustrations: Axel Scheffler

An irreplaceable “best seller” or a masterpiece in children’s literature. It’s upgraded with a puppet show, animated film, different games and full pallet of products with The Gruffalo character. 

The similarity between the books:
• All books have hardcovers,
• The books are of smaller format, so they fit into small hands of children,
• The books contain relatively short narrations,
• The illustrations are attractive and colorful,
• The texts are in rhymes with melodic language.

All our English books for toddlers came into our home from far faraway. Four out of five books came across the ocean!

Our son got first three books as a gift in USA, so each one of them reminds us on a precious friendships: Professor John from Hawaii, our family Karen and Joe from Cleveland and a girl with a biggest smile ever – Rina from Japan, Oskar’s first babysitter. The forth book on ladybugs I both on a »garage sale« in Honolulu. I don’t remember anymore if I payed for it 50c or 1£. The last book The Gruffalo came form UK, which I both on-line.

The books are part of our everyday bed routine. We read to your son as a part of a bedtime routine – every night one of the parents reads to him in bed. We started with this routine at about the age of three, when he moved from a crib to a big bed. We plan to keep reading him as a part of bedtime routine, also when he will be reading to himself, as this is a special time when we all calm down. And this matter even more than reading, it time for bonding.

Our little princes at the age 1,5 years loves looking at books, points on drawings with her finger and baby-talks to herself. Of course we describe her the illustrations and we read her short books – as those five English books for toddlers we LOVE. There is not a day without her taking the book all by herself and of her choice and looking through it together with us. Sometimes even few books a day.

When did you start reading to your child in foreign language? In which language?

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