Cookies are small text files that most sites store on users’ devices that access the Internet. The cookie itself does not contain or collect information. However, when read by the server along with a web browser, this can help the site to perform more user-friendly services – for example, by remembering previous purchases or user account information. Only the server that sent the cookie can read and use this cookie. On a trusted website, cookies can enrich the experience. This makes the interaction between the web user and the website faster and easier with the help of cookies.

Here are some specific examples of cookies:

  • to improve the user experience of the website, we tailor the content to visitors based on past visits
  • to save your selection when creating shortlisted devices and offers and compare them
  • to keep you logged in on parts of sites where sign-in is required
  • to identify your device (computer, tablet, cellphone) that allows you to customize the content displayed on your device
  • to monitor your visit, allowing you to check the effectiveness of your content delivery and the relevance of your ads, and to continually improve your pages
  • certain services are indispensable (e.g. online banks, online shops and other forms of e-commerce,…)

We use cookies to ensure the best possible experience for you.