About us

The MINI POLIGLOTINI books promote early language learning and contribute to the spread of happiness and bilingualism around the world.

Stubelj Ars family embarked on a yearlong adventure in the US years ago. Our son got an English-Slovenian picture dictionary for his first birthday and we started teaching him English trough play. At the age of two, he had a good understanding of everything in English and Slovenian, and at the age of three he was fluent in both languages – a bilingual kid.

Getting good quality children’s books in a foreign language has become challenge. Every night we had to translate the books to our boy, so he could hear the story in Slovenian and English. That is why we started using bilingual books for children, and because of the lack of choice, I came up with the idea of ​​creating a multilingual book myself.

MINI POLIGLOTINS are the result of love for children, foreign languages and passion for reading children’s books.

I am a mom, a researcher, an innovator, an ecologist, an entrepreneur, a writer … I created a bilingual personalized book about happiness so that each parent can pass on the values ​​of happiness to the child, read to the child in its mother tongue and at the same time encourage the child to learn foreign language ​​through play.

Dr. Mojca Stubelj Ars – teaching happiness to children and parents

Dr. Mojca Stubelj Ars