Bilingual personalized books


Why a BOOK for children?

Books have always been a source of knowledge. They connected different people and different generations. Raising a child involves reading fairy tales and songs on a daily basis … and in almost every modern home there is a book shelf with kids’ favorite fairy tales and good night stories.

Why a BILINGUAL BOOK for children?

Children first learn their mother tongue, but there are more and more children in the world who are growing up bilingually. The benefits of early language learning are enormous and our son was raised bilingually as well. That is why I read to our kids bilingual books for children and at some point being a writer I decided to create a bilingual book for children as well

Why a PERSONALIZED children’s book?

Every kid is unique and so is every book hero! We have created a book in which the main character can be your child! This means the book is personalized. We added a feature that became our unique trademark – a possibility to choose two languages of your choice! This way we create personalized bilingual books.

Where did you get the idea?

Few years ago I started writing and creating multilingual books for children under the brand name MINI POLIGLOTINI. These books still excite toddlers and children around the world and take them to the world of languages.

Our customers were constantly asking for different language combinations, so we decided to create a bilingual book in which the buyer would choose two languages ​​of his choice. However, it was necessary to develop an algorithm for a personalized book. We decided that in addition to languages, the main character would be personalized as well. This allows every child to get it’s own bilingual BOOK ABOUT HAPPINESS.

Our goal is that in 2021 we will offer our customers at least 30 different languages to choose from.

Our vision is that our bilingual personalized book about HAPPINESS will inspire children around the world to be grateful and happy and get interested in foreign languages. Our vision is that we will become the leading publishing house for bilingual personalized books in the world.