Early language learning

Why is early language learning very useful for school and later in life?

We already know that learning foreign languages ​​is very useful. Why it is wise for children to learn foreign languages ​​as soon as possible? Children learn the language naturally and much faster than adults. Therefore, early childhood is an ideal time to introduce your child with a foreign languag or better say – do it as soon as possible.

Scientific studies show that elementary school children who speak several languages ​​or who learn at least one foreign language are performing better than their peers in many fields! We all want our kids to be HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL, and definitely a child’s brain plays an extremely important role in that. By learning a foreign language at an early age, kids brain develops “differently”. IN A BETTER WAY! The extra synapses (brain cell connections) that develop when learning and using two languages ​​are later in life useful for anything: mathematics, logics, social skills, communication. Because of that, I take the standpoint that early language learning is literally an investment in every child!

Here you can read about few positive effects of early language learning

1. Better cognitive skills, problem solving and multitasking

Many studies have been conducted on the relationship between early language learning and students’ cognitive abilities. Students who learn a foreign language have been shown to be more flexible and better at conceptual thinking.

2. Better reading comprehension

Children that learn a foreign language get better results at reading comprehension. They make conclusions faster and at the same time connect different content.

3. Better communication skills

Students who learn a foreign language are performing better at oral tests. This finding applies for elementary students already and is being reported by researchers from around the world.

4. Wider understanding of the world and positive attitude towards other cultures

Learning a foreign language widens the horizons. Through language, the child learns about cultures, places and customs, and as a result develops a sense of openness and respect for other cultures.

5. A long-term competitive advantage for the global labor market

Because of the globalization, internationalization of businesses and increasing need for international collaboration in many areas, knowing foreign languages will be increasingly important.

Early language learning has a positive effect on the development of children’s cognitive and communication skills, promotes flexible thinking, enhances memory and focus, and multilingual children are also more creative! You could say these are at least 5 top reasons to immerse your child into the world of languages ​​by reading bilingual and multilingual fairy tales.

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