THE FAIRYTALE OF LUNA – multilingual book for children

The book is based on a fairytale in which children, horses and many other animals appear. Luna is the smallest pony in the horse club who teaches children their first riding lessons. One day, a beautiful Arabian horse comes to the club and Luna wishes to become big like it as well. On the way to meeting her heart’s desire, Luna discovers what makes her really happy and becomes a magical pony. In the book the text is laid out in three languages on even numbered pages and fully illustrated on the opposite pages.

The book has additional didactic value since, aside from the fairytale, it contains a trilingual picture dictionary, rich didactic material, a board game, and instructions for using the book in four different ways to suit the child’s development stage. The didactic material is divided into six modules. The book has a dyslexia-friendly layout.

The book content is trilingual and you can choose between different language combinations.

For ages: 2–10 years and all who love horses


Book author: Dr. Mojca Stubelj Ars
Illustrations: Naja Simčič

Much more than a fairytale !

The book THE FAIRYTALE OF LUNA contains:

  • a fairytale,
  • a Trilingual Picture Dictionary,
  • didactic material,
  • a board game.

The book THE FAIRYTALE OF LUNA makes learning languages FUN, CREATIVE and MAGICAL.

A book that offers endless hours of fun

Children will be having fun with:

  • the description of ponies and Arabian horses ,
  • the tasks and questions ,
  • making the puppet of Luna,
  • learning about the moon and the stars ,
  • the active learning questions ,
  • following the guidelines for creating different artwork.

Innovation in the field of early language learning

The book was given the GOLDEN INNOVATION AWARD of The Slovenian Business and Research Association It will:

  • enable your children to learn languages via games,
  • positively affect your child’s linguistic and cognitive development ,
  • be suitable for a longer period of childhood – from 2 to 10 years of age ,
  • help readers with dyslexia read more fluently.


Book coverHardback
Size29 x 20,8 x 1,1 cm
Number of pages56
Languages3 – Make your choice!
AdditionalBoard game

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Available language combinations:

Italian – German – English

French – German – English

Price 24.99 €