How to write dedication in a children’s book

Printed books have a soul. And when the book has a handwritten dedication it has a special meaning forever.  The book with a dedication becomes a life-lasting memory on a person that wrote a dedication and on the special occasion that we received the book as a gift.  The dedication in the children’s book is even more important, as the childhood is the most precious time of our lives.

The dedication is usually written on one of the pages at the very beginning of the book. Instead of copying nice thoughts from others or citations, write some of your own words: to whom you are giving the book as a gift and what is the occasion or reason behind the gift.  Do not forget to add the date, place and your signature that will round up the dedication.

Anyone who takes the book in hand will read a dedication. That is why a book dedication is actually an everlasting memory. The handwritten words will remind us of a dear face and voice and evoke positive feelings. The books with a dedication can become a valuable family heritage, as they connect us to the past and our parents, grandparents, other family members, old friends and dear people in our lives. The book dedication may also remind us on life events or situations when we received the gift. 

Dedication in children’s book has an extra charm, as the child will be able to remember you or the happy event when the book was received. It’s important that you write a clear message to the child, appropriate to the child’s age. Keep in mind that the dedication should be a meaningful message in the future as well. It’s specially nice if you write your own thought and why are you giving exactly that book to a child.

We designed MINI POLIGLOTINI books in a way that they have a place for dedication. We were very careful that this place is spacious and does not interfere with other content of the book. And in the case it remains empty: nobody will notice anything is missing from the book. The dedication in the book for children is even more valuable, as it will become an everlasting reminder on the wonderful period of childhood and will remind the child of the most precious years. 

Five tips on how to write a dedication in children’s book: 

• Try your best to achieve nice handwriting
• Use capital letters for young readers
• Sentences should be short and clear
• Write a wish or a nice thought to a child, that connects to the content of the book or the occasion
• Write the date, place and your full name.

I love writing dedications in books I give as gifts, whether they are written by me or another author. I also love to read dedications in the books I own, as they always remind me of fond memories and dear people.

Do you always write the dedication in the book that you are giving as a gift to a child?

Our personalized bilingual book contains a personal message from You at the end of the story! Check it out and read the dedications we suggest to buyers at the end of the personalization. The book with a dedication is the most wonderful gift for a child!