21 day FIT & HAPPY challenge with dr. Ars

Science put into everyday practice and coaching that will lead you to higher energy levels, better overall well-being and healthier body.

Under my guidance you will become FITTER ? HEALTHIER ? HAPPIER ? & SEXIER ?

Learn how to reprogram yourself and be HAPPY! Every single day!

? I have 24 kg less than last summer.

? I am full of energy and I feel 15 years younger!

? I am kinder to everyone and more loving to my family members.

? I became more successful in all areas of my life.

I found the formula for happiness and I will share it with others. I am open to teach you daily habits that will lead you towards becoming a better and healthier person.

You can also be HAPPY woman (mother, wife, partner, daughter, sister…), because women is the heart of the family.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

dr. Ars


Start your journey to happier and more beautiful woman today! Your actions today will define your tomorrow.


On-line. I work in 94 countries ?️ around the ???


How many things are not executed/done, because it’s not the right time, the right date, it’s too late, or because you are not ready yet.

DECISION is the foundation for ACTION. ?

ACTION is the foundation for CHANGE. ?

If you are not fulfilled, peaceful in the heart and sincerely happy, it’s about time you become that! YOU DESERVE MUCH MORE ?

21 days is just enough, to feel how energetic and joyful you can be EVERY SINGLE DAY 😀

I will take care for your positive mindset and daily action. I will motivate you and follow up every morning. And you will get all the information on your messenger.


Of course not, because I invented it 😀

Concept for SLIM, SEXY & STRONG body: 80% is food, 20% exercise and additional 100% is mindset.

SECRET: When you focus and invest 200% somewhere, it always works out well!

For everyone who loves it, the coaching and collaboration can become permanent!

I managed to transform myself from a tired mum and a grumpy wife into fit, smiling and happy person… and I am like that on a daily basis! Consequently my family bloomed!!! Of course it is not easy, but now I know HOW anyone can achieve the same.

For a long time my mission has been to share happiness. And now I am determined to help others as well, so they can shine in their full beauty and prosperity.


?45 min LIFENESS ANALYSIS dr. ARS – you explain how your daily routine looks like and I will help you improve it will balanced nutrition and exercise

?21 days, you will get a motivational message from dr. Ars

?21 days of video exercise (Exercise can be done anytime, but morning workout speeds the blood flow and wakes you up faster. It is scientifically proven that morning exercise speeds up the metabolism!)

?21 days of personalized follow up

?nutrition secrets that make big changes

?access to a closed Facebook group for extra support and motivation

?personalized LIFENESS SUCCESS TRACKER dr. ARS, created for you based on the LIFE ANALYSIS dr. ARS

?Certificate upon concluded challenge ?


The cost is only your energy + package healthy breakfast from Herbalife Nutrition. So you invest 21 days in your healthy breakfast (114 nutrients and only 220kcal) and you get 8 bonuses that you don’t have with your current breakfast!

You get extra lifeness analysis, tricks and tips on how to create healthy dietary habits, advice towards better eating habits, daily motivation, access to the closed FB group full of happy and fit people, the knowledge of nutritionists and professional support!

Healthy breakfast from Herbalife Nutrition contains:

? ALOA VERA – cleans your intestinal villi and increases the nutrients absorption in your intestines

? TEA – fat burner that wakes you up and speeds your metabolism

? SHAKE F1 – the breakfast base: 114 nutrients + 25 vitamins, that feel your cells in the morning and give you fuel and energy for your day. You can choose between 10 shake flavors! MY favorite are banana and spiced apple!

? The price for all 3 products is about 3,5 EUR a day. That is investment in yourself, instead of a coffee and doughnut or cookies, you will feed your cells properly and they will start working on full speed and burn the extra fat.


For more information write me on messenger or call me 031 338 669 dr. Mojca Stubelj Ars

Applications as soon as possible, places are limited. Hurry up, this is a life changer ?