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This book is one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever bought for my daughter. She wants me to read it at bedtime all the time and almost always we end up talking about our happy moments. Also she picked up many Italian words from the book very quickly!

Tanja from Slovenia

Our son received the book from his grandmother for his 6th birthday and two days later we ordered another one for his younger sister. Amazingly beautiful book! Now we read it to both of them and very often we drift talking about how beautiful our day was.

Sara from Germany

Raising our bilingual son is really fun with this book. I read the story in French and my husband reads it in English. Depends on who is putting Emanuel to sleep… Emanuel is enjoying it very much and answers to us in both languages fluently.

Ariele from France

I gave my granddaughter this book because she will l start learning English at school this year. My daughter reads her in Slovenian and English and says that Ema already knows quite a few English words from the book. I’m very happy because Ema told me it’s her favorite book.

Maria from Slovenia

I bought our son personalized bilingual book because my husband is English and speaks with our son exclusively in English. The rest of us speak to him Italian. Manuel loves the book so much that he took it to the kindergarten!

Daniella from Italy